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Nov 10, 2013 04:50 PM

New in Town - Looking for local turkeys for T-Day

Just moved to the area - wondering i can find a great local, pasture-raised turkey for Thanksgiving. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I think you are running a bit late, but I would check:

    1. The Farmer's Market this Saturday morning at PSU
    2. New Seasons


      The first sells heritage birds, the second two seem to be the standard wide-breasted whites.

      There must be others doing heritage birds. New Seasons sells the Champoeg birds. They are not heritage. They also sell the lame Diestel birds, not so great.

      I'm surprised here in Granola Central USA, the town that invented the concept of locavore eating ;) , there are not more heritage birds being hawked (no avian pun intended, well, maybe a little). Anyone have other recs?

      This is a good source to locate heritage stuff, and farms that are interested in more traditional methods of agriculture, etc.

      1. I'd call around before wasting gas and time. Try Chop, Laurelhurst Market, Old Salt Marketplace, and Nicky USA for the best stuff first - they should have heritage and non-heritage breeeds, I think. Do it as soon as you can. I would also ask these folks (esp. Nicky USA) who else might have birds if they do not.

        1. I ordered one of these heritage, pasture-raised birds directly from the farm. You don't have to go to expensive middle-men/butcher shops to do this. Just sayin'.....

          This bird will be alive until the Sunday before T'giving, and it will NOT be frozen...