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Nov 10, 2013 03:25 PM

Doug Rauch Wants to Sell Outdated Food at Junk-Food Prices - NYTimes


"Daily Table will be a nonprofit so that grocers can get a tax deduction for giving to us, just like a food bank. My food costs are very low."


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  1. I live in Dorchester, MA, the neighborhood this endeavor will be located in (albeit in a completely different part of DOT, both geographically and socioeconomically -- it's Boston's largest neighborhood).

    I'm all for it.

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    1. re: C. Hamster

      I'm going to follow along and hopefully learn more about this business model. Frankly, I wish food pantries and soup kitchens could get into this area of community support themselves rather than work with a middleman.

    2. I would have to really read into it more deeply but on the surface, this sounds like it could be a wonderful, affordable option for people. I guess my questions would be- what are the standards and regulations for something such as this? who is overseeing what they are selecting to sell to ensure that although it may be past a date, it's still ok to sell to anyone- never mind the price?

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        In response to some of those concerns Doug mentions several times that the Daily Table concept also includes preparing the food (cooking it) for sale. So they will be, like many grocers do, using some of the food items that come in to prepare entire meals for sale.

        One aspect of this business model that jumps out to me is his response to providing healthy food stuffs/prepared meals at affordable prices in the face of the challenge we always read about: cheap, less nutritious shopping options vs. healthy being a more expensive option (junk vs fresh). This model strives to address healthy IS affordable.