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Nov 10, 2013 03:19 PM

Stadon Pork Bowl at Mitsuwa until 11/24 [San Jose]

A Japanese chain called Densetsu No Sutadonya is at Mitsuwa in San Jose until 11/24 selling their most popular dish - stadon donburi, which is apparently thinly sliced pork with garlic soy sauce. Around $9 per bowl, comes with miso soup and an egg. The pork is stir fried with what I think are garlic sprouts.

The dish actually kind of reminds me a little of hui guo rou - especially because the meat is boiled a little before it's stir-fried. There might be a connection, since this blog post says the dish was invented by a Chinese restaurant in Japan:

In any event, the bowl was delicious - hope some of you can try it out!

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