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Nov 10, 2013 02:43 PM

NYC Thanksgiving Dinner

My 3 teenaged kids and I have decided to spend Thanksgiving night in the city since relatives not coming this year...I needs recs for Thanksgiving dinner. My kids are adventuresome eaters- can handle anything (we do want some semblance of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner though- so no Asian, for example) and we are not limited to a particular neighborhood. I'm willing to spend up to $90 or so each, but of course, would rather spend less.

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  1. Off the top of my head:

    The Breslin:

    Freemans (They typically do Thanksgiving, can't find anything on the site yet):

    Prime Meats & Frankies:



    Back Forty (both E. Village and SoHo):

    Northern Spy:

    1. Anything here? There are a few other threads already too.

      1. I had Thanksgiving dinner at Keen's Chop House last year, very good. $98.00 PP if I recall. Going back again this year, if that's a good testimonial.

        1. You could check out Dovetail, it's $95 but the regular food there is wonderful, so it might be worth the little difference.

          1. Reynards at the Wythe Hotel ha a killer one prefix and it is like $ 80 dollars I think. Also great atmosphere.