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May 17, 2005 09:03 PM

Malaysia in Houston

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I hear there's a new restaurant on Westheimer. I think the name is Malaysia. Yes, I see there used to be one by that name that closed, but I learned from a real Malaysian in Houston that there's a new place.

Anyone heard of it?

I ate at Nyonya in NY, which was highly rated on Chowhound. Enjoyed it greatly. A week later at at Panong, I think that was the name, in Dallas, or at least in Frisco. It was surprisingly good, But up until recently there wasn't anything in Houston, I had been told, so this is good news.

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  1. Found it, now gotta try it. Also the lunch specials are $5-6 and look good. The menu makes it sound like it has the same owners as the last Malaysian restaurant in Houston.

    Cafe Malay
    10234 Westheimer
    Between Beltway 8 & Seagler

    713 785 7915
    Open Sun-Th 11a-10p, Fri-Sat 11a-11p


    1. I ate there once only August 2005. Today I will bring my family. I am a Malay and would love to eat Mee Rebus.

      1. There is one in Bellaire . I think it call Kuala Lumpur Restaurant... they serve the best malay food in town. Expecially their Roti Canai...I love it so much .

        7818 bellaire blvd
        Houston, TX 77036

        1. Try Noyonya House in Sugar Land, I have eaten there once and was very happy. Had Roti Canai and a chicken curry that was excellent.

          1. Another option is Malay Bistro, 8282 Bellaire Blvd, in the shopping center with the Thai Spice. My partner is from Melaka, and thinks this is the best one of the Malay restaurants in Houston. Malay food is not at the top of my list, but I really liked the soups and tamarind fried fish at Malay Bistro.