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Nov 10, 2013 02:11 PM

Just add thermals - please critique my preliminary Krakow list !

Hello all

Travelling to Krakow with mixed group of friends ( 30 somethings) for first time at end of November/start Dec.

Looking for recs for breakfast lunch & dinner for three nights.

Open to all cuisines but a mix of traditional places or those with modern takes on traditional Polish food would be great.

Also always keen to visit any 'must go there' places irrespective of if local cuisine or not. Places that serve great beer ( wheat beers and dunkels my preferences ) & great bar food in friendly atmosphere likely to go down well.

Tend to like simple and unstuffy venues.Will put up with cheesy decor if the food is worth it but not with 'up themselves' places or overly fussy service . Initial trawls suggest a wide variety of styles and foodie offerings.,but I have no sense of whether they are super touristy or the real deal ?
On my possibles list so far are the following.

Miod Malina

Pod baranem

Del papa


For breakfast perhaps ?

Moaburger -if need that burger fix at some point !

All thoughts, feedback and alternative suggestions would be massively appreciated.

many thanks

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  1. I was in Krakow about the same time last year, it was quite cold, but the mulled wine at the Christmas market in the main square helped warm things up.

    If you haven't already seen this thread ( it is a long running series from visitors to Krakow over the years, I used it for my research.

    Our visit was all about the pyrogi and I can't recommend any breakfast places as we had it included at our hotel.

    Zapiecek Polskie Pierogarmie - tiny, local, unfancy, with counter service but outstanding pyrogi with a variety of traditional fillings.

    Raj Pyrogi - across the street from Zapiecek, a huge variety of pyrogi with non-traditional fillings as well as traditional. Not as good as Zapiecek and the amibance felt more institutional.

    Wesele - on the main square, which is not normally a good thing in my restaurant experience but Wesele was very good. We had a couple of soups and then a platter of assorted traditional pyrogi. Even though it's on the main square there were tons of locals eating here and the food was excellent. This is a sit down, white table cloth place but not terribly formal. Reservations are highly recommended.

    If you're interested in a nice place for drinks, we really enjoyed Singer in the Jewish Quarter. Counter service only, but a nice little fire place and an intimate (although shabby) design.

    Enjoy the visit, Krakow is a great city to wander around.

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    1. re: vanderb

      Thanks for the link

      From those it seems that Wesele scores well ,but also



      Cucina u doroty

      get positive write ups !

      Any thoughts on either of these or other places in the Jewish quarter ?

      thanks for any further help you can give !

      1. re: willowan

        Sorry, we only went to the places I listed for the weekend we were in Krakow.