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Nov 10, 2013 01:55 PM

Cafe Stritch, san jose - reports?

Always on the lookout for new joints, it looks like Cafe Stritch has food and music most nights. Online menu shows "american classics" like pizza, burgers, beer - but high end, like a burger with 1/2 beef, 1/2 bacon.

Anyone been?

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  1. The food cannot be the main attraction at this place. We went a couple of months ago so it may have improved, but we're in no hurry to order food here anytime soon.

    When we went we had the Eulipian sandwich (breaded chicken, goat cheese, honey mustard) and the Chicken Pot Pie...the sandwich was ok, but tasted like it had a somewhat generic spice. (MSG?) The bread got soggy fairly quickly.

    The chicken pot pie was pre-made and heated up. But the inside was still cold, so I asked them to reheat it. Once reheated it was fine, but oddly, it tasted almost exactly the same as the Eulipian sandwich. Undercooked items seems to be a fairly common problem here -- I knew someone who ordered the chicken & waffles and it was still bloody.

    At least you're not paying up the wall here...

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        D'oh. Didn't know whether to post to the burger thread or this thread. Thanks for the cross-link. Noted that I didn't try any other food. The kitchen here is small so I could imagine them rushing out orders at various times, or having poorly trained short order guys some nights.

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          Oh, there's no "right" way. It's times like this that I really miss the cross-linking function of the defunct Places restaurant database. With more people viewing on mobile, threads with 100+ posts don't get read. If someone's looking for info about Cafe Stritch, this thread will appear higher in search engine results because the name is in the title than the other. OTOH, for somebody looking for a hamburger anywhere, the other thread might be more useful.