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Nov 10, 2013 01:31 PM

Lunchbox Kimchi Container?

I have been sending kimchi in the hubby's lunch. This has caused major discord with the daughter who does dishes and detests the smell of kimchi.

The container I had been using is a small plastic lidded (like mini tupperware) container that would fit into one of the layers of his bento boxes. It is really hard to get the residue out of the plastic container requiring a bunch of dish soap and lots of rinsing. I wondered if a glass container might be a better idea and easier to clean or if I should give up and get disposable containers (like restaurant to go containers) to put it in?

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  1. glass would definitely be easy for your DH to rinse at work. Glaslok brand or mini mason jars should do the job nicely.

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      Glass containers and stainless steel both are easy to wash out at work. I use a tiffin some so I can use my induction hot plate at work and avoid the nasty microwave.

    2. Glass is great. It is very easy to get rid of the kimchi residue -- compare to plastic. However, I don't know if this help your case since your daughter detests the kimchi smell during dish washing.