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Nov 10, 2013 11:17 AM

Any BYOB restaurants or places with corkage fees?

Have some special bottles we'd like to take if there has been a change in the law to permit BYOB...

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  1. Atlas Bistro and Hana are the two that I'm most familiar with.

    Most people would probably consider Atlas is to be more of a "special bottle" spot than Hana. I love the food at Hana, but I don't know that the casual atmosphere there corresponds to what most diners would think of when choosing a restaurant to enjoy a bottle that they've been saving for a special meal.

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      Atlas Bistro has come through for us. Have not dined at Hana, so cannot comment there.


    2. No recent changes in the law. BYOB is possible only at a limited number of restaurants that do *not* have a liquor license but do have a BYOB permit. The two places mentioned by hohokam are among the small quantity of restaurants that fit that description.

      1. I'd hesitate to answer because I know of several places that were BYOB, but, now have a liquor license.

        Atlas is a perennial winner of local "best of" awards in the BYOB category. Being BYOB is part of their business model.

        Coup des Tartes looks like it's still BYOB ( ). I have never eaten there.

        There are 48 possibilities listed on Urbanspoon in the Phoenix metro, at the time of this writing, but, I don't know how accurate that is.

        1. The two already mentioned are both excellent. Atlas has always been sort of the standard. With the recent change of chefs the food is the best it has ever been.

          Hana is also great. Top quality sushi and lots of other options.

          My recent discovery is Reathey Sekong at 1312 E Indian School Rd. It is Cambodian and IMO the best SE Asian food in the valley. Cambodian is not heavily spiced like much Thai, Korean and Vietnamese. The place is small and not at all fancy but the people are very nice and the corkage is only $5. The wine glasses are just ok so I usually take my own.

          1. The original comment has been removed