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Nov 10, 2013 10:29 AM

Debauve & Gallais chocolates

Has anyone tried their chocolates? They are on buisness for two centuries. There is their first store near Saint Germain, but they seem to be way more expensive than everywere else. I think their assortment box for 12 comes at 45 euros and a bar of chocolate at 9 or 10 euros. So this seems to be 3X than JPH LMDC etc. Has anyone tried?

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  1. I've tried only a few pieces. As I do at many chocolate shops I find myself close to, I order a "sachet" of a few pieces to determine what I like best. Also, this is easier to justify than buying a 250 gram (or larger) "ballotin". It was over a year ago but the chocolate was delicious.

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    1. re: tortoiseshell

      I m also interested in buying the smallest box available. In most other chocolatier I find a 100gr or 200gr box. I think 200gr was the smallest available from La maison du chocolat priced at 25 euros.

      the 12 chocolates of Debauve gallais must be around 120, 130 grams priced at 45 euros.

      If this is true, maybe I will go for a chocolate bar.

      Debauve gallais are on my list along with Chaudun and Rogers. Maybe i ll visit Ducasse too...

    2. The very old-school Debauve et Gallais makes a delightful respite from the new wave of creative chocolatiers congregating in the 6th. A boite des Frivoles or truffes makes the perfect gift for the comtesse d'Y when invited for dinner. Just kidding... sorta. But the prices are so stratospheric that any purchase here verges on folly unless you are such an "accro choco" that cost doesn't matter or when you need to impress rich old aunties to make sure you get a mention in the will. But, psst, I like their chocolates a lot... and promise a mention in my will if you send me a box for my birthday. And, oh, you can get one-of-these and one-of-those at the shop with no problem if all you want is a tasting.

      1. Overpriced, not that good and the most dreadful customer service ever. Once I just asked a question and the vendor glared at me for 10 seconds before she answered me dryly, and for a moment I believed she was going to bite my head off.
        I'd rather recommend Michel Chaudun, which has everything Debauve & Gallais hasn't got.
        My favorite chocolate bars are Bonnat's.

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        1. re: Ptipois

          Literally laughing out loud! I bought our son's girlfriend a last minute box at DetG because it was pouring and it was close to our hotel. I almost looked for a mirror to see if I had mascara running down my face or some other fatal flaw. I don't ever remember a less cheerful or unpleasant albeit expensive transaction.

          Note also that in that (6e) neighborhood is the new branch of Meert. Lovely stuff, jewelbox of a shop and absolutely delightful service. 3, rue Jacques Callot

          1. re: mangeur

            You and Pti must learn how to flirt with icy shop assistants.

            Underpaid, tired from commuting from some dreary suburb, and obliged to adopt a very "soutenu" French that suffocates whatever charm and wit they might have, they can indeed be prickly and glacial. But, with the right signals, can be just as easily disarmed.

            1. re: Parnassien

              "You and Pti must learn how to flirt with icy shop assistants."

              Or not.
              That vendor was not a tired, underpaid waif from a dreary suburb. She was a stiff, spiny urchin from some posh neighborhood all complete with pleated skirt and navy blue headband, analyzing customers from head to toe while pinching her lips, and she was distinctly less welcoming than a prison door.
              Beyond a certain level of bitchiness I can't see why one should take the trouble to soften them.
              She certainly was no living advertisement for the company that employed her.

              1. re: Ptipois

                "Or not."

                I have noticed that Pti and I have both come down on the side of "or not" several times recently. Comes a point where you realize that life is short, there are lots of options out there, and you can't civilize every one on the planet. Cut your loses and move on. And laugh out loud often!

                1. re: mangeur

                  I flirt with everyone... makes life so much easier. And I rarely get bad service.

                  1. re: Parnassien

                    True. Rather than flirting I think of it as the French way. You start by recognizing someone's sex by calling them Madame or Monsieur, throw bouquets by way of the required politesse. It becomes a dance.

                    But once in a while, I just gotta sit one out.

                    1. re: mangeur

                      And I was the one thinking that only abroad I could find professional service. Truth to be told I had excellent service everywere in Paris except Angelina. In Greece on the other hand it is polite but I cant call it professional in most places..

        2. They are not the best and not half a whisker within the peak so why bother with such a lofty price?

          I once bought a tablette from Chaudon and one of the almonds was still in the shell. It was about the same size as the average shelled almond but I almost broke my tooth on it. I was torn on whether to bring it back just to point it out since he charges a lofty enough price that mistakes such as this should not be tolerated without...well, a sincere apology or something. And maybe they would have but I never did bother and went back to my usual haunt.