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Nov 10, 2013 10:09 AM

"My Grandmother's Ravioli"

I like this show. It's a food culture thing more than a how to, but whatever. Mo can be pretty funny, as can the guests. Mo just said to one grandmother who said he was faster; "it's not a competition. This the cooking channel, not Food Network, so it doesn't have to be a competition".

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  1. Honestly...I like the Cooking Channel much better than FN these days, but Mo Rocca gets under my skin at times--not all the time but sometimes..Ugh. he's like that annoying friend you had in school--you were friends but you really wanted him to just keep quiet at times!

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    1. re: jarona

      Really, I find his affectionate, home-loving storytelling kinda rare in news reporting. So I kinda dig that about his style.

      1. re: HillJ

        +1. Love Mo, and really like the guests on this show. Some history, some cultural info, food, and sometimes dancing -- a nice mix.

        1. re: harrie

          My grand and great grandparents were huge influences in my life. Mo speaks to that/to me when he gives audience to those souls who cook from love. I'm glad Mo cares about those kinda folks.

        1. re: wadejay26

          He's the host for the '20yr FN birthday' special

            1. re: wadejay26

              I watched a marathon of this show on a sick day . I expected to be slightly annoyed , but i thought he was very kind and reverent to the family elders and i thought you could see genuine affection both ways , he was joking around but it was kind hearted .
              With all the host bashing on Chowhound , i honestly think many people on here just dont like anybody and would prefer Robots to host the shows - robots that have the characteristics of the individual viewer tailored to fit their sensabilities .

            2. re: jarona

              Hmmm.....I was probably that friend....

            3. We like this show a lot. The grandmothers / grandfathers are fascinating characters. And Mo's respect for their lives and accomplishments are sometimes quite touching. Plus, the food looks really good, and I learn a lot about the food of cultures other than my own.

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              1. re: jmckee

                I appreciate his respect for these people.

              2. This is one of my favorite shows. My paternal grandmother was a great cook, but she passed away when I was 13. I wish I could have learned more from her. My maternal grandmother is still alive and kickin' at 87 years old, but she has never been a great cook... her family was very wealthy when she was young so they always had an employee to cook for them. So, this show is replacement for my lack of grandmotherly food.

                1. My favorite Ravioli moment has been when Mo was driving around with a group of older women. As they talk about a divorced man they see walking down the sidewalk a whistled song plays in the background, which I later realized was the jingle from the Enzyte commercials ("This is Bob").

                  Mo can be kind of overly ironic but then he'll do something really funny.

                  Edit: Enzyte, not Extenze.

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                  1. re: ennuisans

                    Ennuisans, is that the episode where he takes them to buy wine and leaves the camera on while he's in the store? I loved that one too!

                  2. I agree that he is very funny a lot of the time.