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Nov 10, 2013 09:23 AM

My last breakfast at Orlando's Hampton Bays!!

In the past I have praised Orlando's for its great breakfast offerings.
Sad to say the food is amazing but the "attitude" has gotten worse. It is totally rude and unbearable.
The last time we were there it was busy and there were no empty tables. There were a few spots at the window counter but only one chair. There were two of us. I nicely asked if there was another chair we could put at the counter and was snapped at by the woman who runs the place: "You'll just have to wait!"
We left and went to Hampton Maid for a fabulous breakfast.
I tried it again today figuring that Summer was over and the stress level would be lower. Same woman, same attitude! I ordered their amazing Huevos Rancheros with chorizo. I asked for the eggs sunny side up. "NO! You will have to have them over easy!" I asked for a glass of water. "You will have to buy a bottle!" Instead I ordered "Fresh Squeezed" orange juice. I watched her pour it out of a gallon container from the local Big Box store. She gave me the cup and a straw. I put the straw back as I would not be using it. "You don't want the straw!!" I would have said something about that but I knew it was a lost cause.
Once again, great breakfast food but I don't need that kind of attitude to ruin my morning.
Scott R: you won't enjoy it!!!

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  1. You should have informed the woman that restaurants are required by law to serve tap water when asked.

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    1. re: ajs42548

      I know that but I like to pick my battles. That one was already lost.

      1. re: ajs42548

        Where had you heard that restaurants must serve tap water when asked?

        Though that applies more specifically to CHARGING for tap water.

      2. Hah! Forgot to post about my experience a few weeks back; not to be contrary, but I did enjoy it, and quite a bit.

        I don't recall what it's called, but I had a sort of rice and beans dish, though it was flavored much more complexly than any other such r&b that I've had, topped with two eggs over-easy and a side of garlic sausage, cooked so that it split and the edges were a bit crunchy. Very good meal--much better than the disappointing "Mexican breakfast" entree I had yesterday at Hampton Coffee (Watermill location).

        Service was friendly compared to the brusque waitress at Hampton Maid (though, again, the hostess there was sweet and helpful). Can't say that they bent over backwards or any such thing at Orlando's--order coffee and it's basically "it's over there" but otherwise the service didn't earn comment from us.