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Nov 10, 2013 09:08 AM

Anniversary dinner

Need a restaurant for our anniversary dinner. Would like to stay somewhere near Boca, maybe on the water? Continental/italian/steak house??

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  1. Casa de Angelo for very good Italian. NY Prime for steak.

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    1. re: rsanders99

      I went to Cucina de Angelo many years ago, is this operated by the same people?

    2. Beware...Although the food is excellent at NY Prime, it is excruciatingly noisy!

      There are also a lot of wonderful restaurants in Delray, if you are willing to drive a short distance from Boca.

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      1. re: gblcsw

        If you think NY Prime is noisy, the places in Delray make it seem like a morgue.

      2. I've been to the relatively new "13 American Table" twice now and had good dinners both times. It's on Palmetto Park Rd just W of the Intracoastal in Boca.

        It's fairly small and somewhat noisy - I like that atmosphere but it might not be right for some special romantic dinner.

        If you really want romantic, you can't beat Sundy House in Delray. You can even get essentially a private table for two amidst a tropical garden. It's not in Boca and it's definitely not on the water but your guest will likely be blown away by the surroundings. And then there's top chef contestant Lindsay Autry in the kitchen...