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Nov 10, 2013 08:28 AM

Whitestone's Stork's Pastry Shop Vacant and Shuttered.

From the website:

"Stork's Bakery is closed indefinitely.
We will update you on our website, facebook & twitter when the bakery reopens..."

It had declined a bit since the sale year's ago, but was still iconic.

Not hopeful it will reopen.


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  1. Outgoing message on the shop's machine thanks customers for their years of patronage and states that as of November 3rd, a decision has been made that Storks " is closed for good." Officially crying :(

    1. Too bad. Customer for over 30 years. Never found a better cinnamon jelly donut anywhere.....Thanks for the update.

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      1. re: johnk

        I'll miss the glorious Christmas stollen and baumkuchen and their out-freaking-rageous dark chocolate enrobed butter cookies. Super bummed. Nowhere else around here even comes close.

      2. I noticed the place was going down hill for a couple of years.

        I get back to whitestone once a year and the past 2 times the place was dark and dingy looking.

        the cheese Danish was still the best.