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Nov 10, 2013 07:34 AM

Indian food recommendations

Looking for ideas for dinner, between Edmonds and Mount Vernon. Not interested in Indian buffets.

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  1. There is a pretty good Indian resto my family has been to in Edmonds, on the way to Lynnwood - can't think of the name - but it is on 196th where the Ezel's fried chicken place used to be.

    We had excellent samosas, a spiced rice pilaf dish, a goat curry and more. There were several Indian families dining there.

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      it is Royal India Cuisine. lunch is buffet but the regular menu is available. get there early for lunch as the buffet is very popular and the parking lot is packed every day.

    2. Clay Pit in Mill Creek.

      There's also a Mayuri in nearby north Bothell .

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      1. Anyone hear of Aaharr out in Snoqualmie?
        I've been hearing good things from my South Indian friends, but don't know much about it.

        (Yeah... I guess it's not between Edmonds and Mt. Vernon....)

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          Aahaar sure has good reviews on Yelp, Green Yoshi!

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              LOL. They prolly say that about Chowhound!