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Nov 10, 2013 07:17 AM

best steak in chicago?

I will be visiting in a week or two and am wondering where I can get the best steak in Chicago. Price is not a factor as I am on an unlimited expense account.

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  1. Chicago Magazine recently did a story on the 20 best steakhouses in our great city (November issue).
    They picked David Burke's. I've been a few times, it seems more hype than anything to me, nothing was great.
    Highly recommend Bavette's or Chicago Cut.

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    1. re: MahiMahiFish

      Agree completely w MahiMahi. The dry aged ribeye at Chicago Cut or Bavette's has great flavor. It will be difficult to get a reservation at Bavette's, but they do take walkins.

      1. Thanks! My favorite cut is filet. Do both of these steakhouses have good filet?

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        1. re: yankees2738

          Yes both have excellent filet. My dining companion at each place had the bone in filet and they were very happy.

        2. Since you say you're unlimited, and really, a prime filet should be equal across every high-end steakhouse, I would suggest a different bent. Go to David Burke's and get a 75 day dry-aged ribeye. It has quite the flavor being nearly three months old. That and the pop-overs and I'd be a happy camper.

          Other than that, I am not a big Ribeye eater. Actually the last time I had one at Chicago Cut, it was a bit too fatty. I am really a fan of a great Kansas City cut (bone in NY strip and the other side of the bone from the filet). Pretty lean, but just enough fat to make it buttery. On that front, I hate to admit a chain, but Capital Grille wins with the kona rubbed dry aged NY strip.