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Nov 10, 2013 04:18 AM

Best Take-out Presentations

Recently, I chose to get take-out from Carlos and Gabby's in Queens to surprise my son. The presentation of the take-out or lack thereof was really disturbing. They threw 4 chicken fingers into a huge styrofoam container with nothing else. Sauce was in a small plastic container. Guacamole for which I paid 4 dollars was in almost the same tiny size container as the sauce and had black spots on the top. No napkins or utensils. I had to get those myself (I know other places do that, but this one didn't even throw in one of those prepared packets of spoon, fork, knife napkin). There was no love--or respect--in the way they sent their food out. So that led me to thinking. Which lower-end restaurants present their take out with respect. Grill Point, btw, comes to mind. Who else? Where else? How?

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  1. While I'm only temporarily living in NY, i've hadcquiteca few take out meals from local, Boro Park, restaurants, I've actually been pleasantly surprised more often than not.

    Amnon's pizza has become a standard for me. And, on the whole, their takeout/ delivery presentation has exeeded what I expected. They provide utensils and napkins, which always give me a smile because, as many places around here do, they buy outdated party plates and napkins. Last week I jwas given napkibs that said 'graduation 2009׳ on them. I love the whimsy of it.

    Their salads are always fresh looking and delivered in reasonably sturdy foil containers with plastic lids. They don't look skimpy, either. If you order a puta sandwich, they wrap them tightly in pastic bags which helps jeep them neater. My only issue is when they deliver small containers of dressing r techina, the little pastic lids sometimes leak, but they are wrapped so the leak s contined. Very happy with Amnon's

    Benny's b/w 45th and 46th on 13th ave is likewise oretty decent for take out and delivery.

    Spoons is another standout. Most of their entrees come in nice plastic containers andbmostly, they are full and attractive. Rarely has something looked 'skimpy' except maybe the stuffed mushrooms which were just too small for the large container, andswimming in excess liquid. They tasted good, though. Also, when you order fries with an omeket, tey ften bix them together with salad and that akes the fries soggy.

    I like the way places like Nu Cafe 47 on New Utrecht deliver milkshakes etc. They put tape over the atraw holes in the cups to prevent spills. A nice touch...

    I think the worst was from some little hole in the wall where I ordered a bagel with cream cheese and lox and it was presented to me with no cream cheese and some shriveled looking lox all wrapped in foil. It jyst looked awful... And did I mention the bagel was stale?