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Nov 9, 2013 10:06 PM

A few days at a conference in Reno

Hi... I'll be in Reno at the Grand Sierra for a conference next week. Never been before. Am hoping to escape the hotel for at least 1-2 meals. Any recommendations? I am particularly curious about Basque but would welcome other suggestions as well. It's okay if it's a bit pricey. Thanks.

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  1. Here's a bunch of threads:

    After perusing, maybe you'll have some specific questions?

    For Basque you have pretty much two choices:

    Santa Fe Hotel -

    Louis Basque Corner -

    1. First off, the Basque food here is not like gourmet Basque food like you get at Piperade in San Francsico. It stems from the Basque hotel tradition of high calorie meals for Basque sheepherders and farm workers.
      They will have different specials each night. Louis' has their menu online so you can look at the specials.
      The Santa Fe Hotel does not have a menu online. The only thing I remember is that Thursday night is spaghetti night (as a second entree) and Sunday night includes beans with a whole chorizo and you can get baked chicken.
      Santa Fe also serves tapas at the bar. Three dishes for $12. The best deals here are the lambsicles and the calamari.
      If you go to Louis' or the Santa Fe, most people get a picon punch, which is kind of nasty because they use cheap Christian Brothers brandy. A better drink is a 43. It's made from a Spanish liqueur called Licor 43 and they float some half and half in it. Quite tasty and addictive.
      The best new place in my opinion is a raw food place called Rawr on West Street. It is only open Wednesday through Sunday.
      Campo is getting quite bit of buzz.
      My favorite Italian place is LaVecchia.
      If you're looking for Mexican food, I think the best tacqueria in the area is Los 4 Vientos on Casazza Drive behind Shopper's Square.
      Just about all the Thai places are good.
      If you've eaten at China Village in Albany I'm not going to suggest either of the two good Chinese places here. China Village is a different league.
      Sadly, there's nothing to recommend within walking distance of the Grand Sierra.