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best frozen potato latkes

Which is the best frozen potato latke that looks and tastes like homemade?

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  1. Trader Joes. But I really like the Kineret ones - either the little minis or the triangles, if tey still make them. Haven't bought them in years...

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        My kids or wife will eat the Trader Joe's (which are similar in shape, size and taste to Golden but much cheaper). I find them much to thick.

        No commercially available frozen latkes look like homemade, they are too uniform in size and color and shape. and they certainly don't taste like the ones I make from scratch.

        That said, I often make my own and freeze them. Especially this year when I'l be serving them as the potato course with Thankgiving dinner for about 20. I can't be working the grill (Turkey parts grilled fresh, no whole bird) and the fryer at the same time. I make them thin, fry them 3/4s of the way, cool and freeze. Reheat/finish cooking on sheet pans sprayed with PAM for about 15 minutes in the convection oven set to 450F no need to thaw.

        and the best thing about Thanksgiving and Chanukkah coming together this year: I get to have latkes at a fleischige meal! I eat latkes with applesauce, not sour cream. But every Chanukkah am forced top make a dairy dinner so the loadies of the family can have latkes with sour cream.
        This year daddy wins.

        1. re: bagelman01

          Obviously nothing beats home-made latkes. In the world. Period. With sour cream, bagelman, btw. But if you have to go frozen, the one advantage is the uniformity of the crispiness in the Kinneret Minis. Their size and the way they're prepared create a guaranteed 1-bite crunch experience every time. And, of course, kids love the mininess of them. I love being able to put a million of them on a cookie sheet, shoving them in the oven and having happiness a few minutes later. That said, my home-made latkes rock and I can't wait to have the excuse to eat them again. Once a year only. I do feel that with Thanksgiving dinner, I need a creamy potato texture so we will be doing the mash.

          1. re: cappucino

            The Kinneret have the tase and texture of fast food has brown patties made out of reconstituted potatoes and are not to my (or my family's) liking.

            No one in the family likes pareve mashed potatoes, (I don't like them even if milchige). My mother always made a potato kugel on Thanksgiving as well as baked white and sweet potatoes. Here I'm basically taking my potato kugel mix and frying them as latkes....keeps the tradition going

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              It's all good. Family, food, good times. The only diff between my latkes and my kugel is that i grate them using the larger holes. More impressive and crispier latkes that way.

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                Not to knock anyone who likes frozen latkes, but I always thought they were just oddly shaped tater tots and I've never especially liked tater tots. I'm not the biggest fan of latkes to begin with, but I find homemade crispy latkes (with applesauce only!) to be far superior to frozen.

                1. re: rockycat

                  Of course the fresh are preferred, but there are times--especially when you have a large amount of children coming and a short time to prepare that frozen are the preferred.

                  1. re: cappucino

                    I know this can be a pain, but if you're so inclined, homemade latkes freeze pretty well. They do lose something once they're frozen and reheated, but given how little I like tater tots, to me it's worth it. Next week I'll be making and freezing about 150 latkes so I definitely get it.

                    I grew up on the frozen Kineret latkes. That may be why I dislike them so. :-)

                2. re: bagelman01

                  I'm not the only one in thinking the kineret version tastes like tater tots?!
                  I make my own. Or eat a relatives version.
                  My husband and kid like the ones from trader joes

                  1. re: cheesecake17

                    trader Joes also had sweet potato latkes today. I do not recall them in the past.

                    1. re: susiejane

                      Those are new. Are they frozen or refrigerated?

                        1. re: susiejane

                          That's something I would totally go for.
                          Did you buy them?

                          1. re: cheesecake17

                            2 boxes. think I might serve them Shabbos Hanukkah with a duck as I will not have turkey leftovers.

                            1. re: susiejane

                              Can you take a picture? I'd love to know what to look for.
                              The TJs by me is so so crowded and hectic.

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                                Don't know if I am techy enough to do that, and right now my Mini is charging and I am on a computer. the box is about 7 X 4, brown and orange, with 3 luscious looking latkes on the cover with sour cream and chives. In my TJs it was right where the regular potato pancakes should have been but those were sold out.

                                1. re: susiejane

                                  Thanks! At least now I know what to look for and where to look!!! Hopefully will get to TJs next week