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Meizhou Dongpo

Was walking around the Century City mall today and noticed huge signs that "Meizhou Dongpo" was opening near the food court (where the Brazilian place used to be). I'm not familiar w/ the restaurant. Anybody here know more?

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    1. Sign put up this spring said it would be opening in the summer. Obviously they missed that. Is there any time frame noted now?

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        not even on what appears to be their corporate website: http://www.meizhou.com.cn/?lang=en

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          LA eater posted an article about 1 mo after the article you linked to, and they were guessing mid-Fall. Since we're in/past mid-Fall, I'm assuming *nobody* has a very good idea?

      2. A very prominent restaurant in Beijing. There is a brief discussion of it here.started by Tony C.

        Looking forward to its opening.


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          The local ex-pats are sick of waiting, and they're also fearful it'll end up like Hai Di Lao.

          So! They've since found all kinds of hot pot/dry pot bases branded by Meizhou Dongpo at 168, H-Mart, etc.

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            Please tell us about Hai Di Lao, TonyC. I got a "so-so" from my friends in Arcadia.

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                What's Hai Di Lao? Is there another thread about it (I'm too lazy to search today.... It's a holiday. ;) )?