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Nov 9, 2013 08:47 PM

Difference between pumpkin butter, pie mix and puree in a cake?

This cinnamon apple cake is one of my favorite recipes:

I make a version of this cake with pumpkin butter instead of apple butter and mini chocolate chips instead of cut apples. I don't know about elsewhere, but where I live, people seem to really like pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and cake.

I don't see the pumpkin butter I usually buy at the store but there is another brand available:

I'm not sure what the ingredients are in the pumpkin butter I usually buy but another brand had these ingredients in their pumpkin butter: pumpkin, apple cider, brown sugar,lemon, cinnamon.

I'm guessing it tastes the same and the price was fine but I saw pumpkin pie mix and pumpkin puree on sale so I wondered if I could just use pureed pumpkin or pumpkin pie mix. Save the option of using freshly pureed pumpkin, do you think any of those canned/boxed pumpkin products would work?

Often I see this brand on sale:

My guess is that the pumpkin pie puree would be closer to the pumpkin butter but maybe not as thick? Not sure what canned pumpkin pie puree looks like but I assume it's not as thick.

The cake is quite moist and really flavorful with the pumpkin butter! I don't mind using the other brand of pumpkin butter but just wonder what my options are before trying.

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  1. Pumpkin pie mix is pumpkin with the spices added; pumpkin puree is *supposed* to be straight up pureed pumpkin with sugar. You can sub either one but will just have to adjust the spices. Pumpkin butter is pretty much pumpkin pie mix that's been cooked longer and may have a few other ingredients in it.

    1. Pumpkin puree is pure pumpkin, no sugar or flavoring. The pumpkin pie filling has sugar and spices added, like pumpkin butter, but texture might be a bit different (I haven't bought it before, but the pumpkin butter I've bought is more spreadable, like apple butter). If your recipe was developed to use apple butter, which is sweet, then plain pumpkin puree won't contribute the same sweetness that apple or pumpkin butter does, so the pumpkin pie mix would probably be a better choice.