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Nov 9, 2013 05:54 PM

Cholame: Jack Ranch Cafe - Highway 41/46

For those who just drive by this lone outpost on the main cross-state highway between Paso Robles and Fresno or Bakersfield, where James Dean met his fiery end and wonder if it is worth stopping at the rustic Jack Ranch Cafe, here to report yes indeed.

Second time for us so it is not a fluke: best tuna melt sandwich ever with very tasty fries and fresh pies - this time it was coconut cream, last time the more rare peanut butter.

Two home runs in a row and I am almost considering this to be destination restaurant. Have no idea what else is good on this menu, or not because I shall remain in tuna melt heaven every time we now go past.

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  1. Thanks to your previous post, we tried it in August, after years of driving by & wondering about it. The pie was excellent!

    1. Jack Ranch Café--a reason to drive to Visalia?

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        Just a reason just to drive to Jack Ranch and back - that good of a tuna melt and pie to be destination in itself! But then how would we fit Mo's in Pismo in the same trip? Gotta think this one through.

        Or Jack Ranch Cafe is a good stop on the way to an overnight ranch stay in Parkfield too. We used it as a stop on our way to Yosemite so that worked great. Visalia …..maybe not so much. Do I hear a Turlock?