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Looking for a wheelchair accessible restaurant for Thanksgiving near 72nd and York

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Hoping for quality but really any suggestions or recommendations are welcomed. We really do need to be near York and 72nd as one family member is recovering and in a wheelchair and does not want to go too far from his facility.

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  1. Hospoda on 73rd between first and second is certainly accessible. I haven't been since a recent menu revamp, but in days past, it was a warm and welcoming Czech-American comfort food place. in the bohemian national hall, but not a 'cafeteria' by any means. more banquet room without the sterility. can't vouch that they'd be open on thanksgiving, but it *seems* like a place that would have special holiday menu.

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      Thanks. It looks like a great place but unfortunately not open on Thanksgiving. We will definitely try it on a non holiday.

    2. take a look at a great new app- AXS Map- it was started by someone who,is wheelchair bound. Type in a location or category ( restaurants, stores, museums, erc) in Manhattan and it will give you all of the restaurants in your area that are wheelchair accessible. don't trust sites like Menupages for this info. A lot of restaurants will say that they are "wheelchair friendly" a term that is meaningless- and often means that there are steps that require someone carry your wheelchair down or that the bathroom won't accommodate a wheelchair.

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        Thank you for this as well. It is so helpful to have this kind of information for both the short term and possibly long term needs. As soon as I can I will download the app.