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Nov 9, 2013 05:16 PM

Too much pepper in roast

I have a prime rib roast that has been marinarted in pepper, the Pepper has gone through out the meat. Is there a way of removing some of this before it is cooked?

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  1. I seriously doubt any pepper coating could penetrate throughout a roast....not even salt can do that in short amount of time. Trim the roast 1/4 inch or remove the deckle...or simply rinse or scrape the pepper off.

      1. re: jaykayen

        OP is saying that the pepper penetrated all the way through the meat.

      2. Scrape it off and cook the roast. The intensity of pepper diminishes with the application of heat. If you really wanted to rid the meat of some of the pepper flavor, give it a brief rinse, pat it dry, place it in a zip-lock bag that's big enough for it (or a plastic grocery bag) and marinate in red wine for a few hours. The wine will displace some of the pepper.

        All this being said, we're very, very fond of the flavor of pepper used when preparing beef, so for us, the more the merrier -- we'd never require removal of pepper flavor from beef, no matter how intense.

        1. How can you know the pepper flavor penetrated throughout the meat? Did you cut it open and taste the raw meat? I would just cook it and eat it, but I like pepper. I suppose you could rinse and dry the meat first.

          Ever had pepper steak? That has a lot of black pepper.