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Nov 9, 2013 05:07 PM

restaurants near Shea and Tatum

We'll be staying for two weeks over Christmas, looking for good restaurants near Shea and Tatum, everything from breakfast, pubs, Italian, steaks, burgers, Mexican and Steaks. Recommendations for what to try and what to avoid?

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  1. Try:

    32 Shea -- coffee house & sandwich shop by day; full service restaurant with daily specials by night

    Eden's Grill -- charming place for kabobs and fragrant rice dishes; based mostly on Iraqi cuisine with some influences from elsewhere in the Middle East

    Nee House -- Chinese food with live seafood in tanks. Make sure to ask for the Chinese menu rather than just ordering from the American one


    The plethora of chain restaurants surrounding Paradise Valley Mall one mile to the north

    1. Salty Sow would be my first choice but Bootleggers is good for the area too. Had Bootleggers PBLT which a publication just called "best sandwich in Phoenix". I disagree but was still a decent spot, good cocktails and reasonably priced.

      1. Breakfast/Lunch: The Oink Café - popular place particularly for breakfast. Great service and food. Specialize in pork obviously (bacon flight & pork confit are my favorites). (~43rd St & Cactus


        Brunch/Lunch/Dinner: Rusconi's American Kitchen - solid American fine-dining cuisine in a casual atmosphere. Wood-burning oven turns out some tasty items. (Tatum & Shea)

        1. Humble Pie @ Desert Ridge is not far. Their pizzas are great and super deal during happy hour!

          1. Rusconi's at Tatum and Shea is really good. Happy hour and dinner. I also second Bootleggers, Salty Sow, and Oink.

            At Scottsdale and Shea there is Pita Jungle, Fate Brewing Company (Pizza), Il Bosco.(Pizza).