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Nov 9, 2013 05:05 PM

Source for sausages near Brookline?

I used to love the house-made sausages at Meat House, but they have closed up shop. Whole Foods' sausages have been dry and not well-balanced in their seasoning. Anyone have a place in the area that makes good sausage? We are fans of Italian (hot and sweet), bratwurst, you name it.

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  1. Not near Brookline but not that far either...

    SmokeHouse in Norwell.

    They make a variety of delicious sausage. And stock some of the areas good restaurants.

    1. MF Dulock in Somerville has a nice selection of house made sausages. Selection varies, but they have a nice sweet italian, hunter's sausage, texas hot, etc. Ususally 10-12 different kinds.

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        Saturdays for broadest selection (the earlier the better, sometimes); weekdays are more limited. Sausages are on the lean side (in a good way). I had the smoked kielbasa recently and it was a big hit. For Italian and nearer you, DePasquale's in Newton, near Watertown.

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          aroma or jjb, have you tried any brats or other German-style sausages from MF Dulock? I've had a craving but haven't made it up to Karl's lately.

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            I tried the brat 2 weeks ago. It was pretty good, a bit leaner than other brats but a good flavor.

          2. Tony's Italian Market in Rozzie has outstanding home made Italian sausage

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              Newton, if it isn't too far for you: De Pasquale's for excellent housemade Italian and other sausages, as well as good Italian products. I live in Brookline and I consider it worth a trip for these. They have a few varieties of De Pasquale's at Russo's if you shop there, but not the many that come in fresh daily.

              1. re: teezeetoo

                These sausages are phenominal. But be aware their hours are quirky. They are only open 10 to 5 every day, close at 4p on saturday and are not open sundays at all.

                1. re: hyde

                  Another fan here of De Pasquale's.

            2. Go to the indoor farmers market at the Coolidge Corner Arcade on Sunday. They sell meat including sausages from various local farms.

              1. Thanks for all the tips, you guys! I foresee a lot of taste-testing in my future. Oh, the sadness!