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Nov 9, 2013 03:44 PM

Current (Changing or Seasonal) Specialties at Local Retail Food Shops

Plse add any you know about!

We recently discovered the Blueberry Multigrain ('Granola')Bread at When Pigs Fly. It is very sweet so we have it for brkfst in thin toasted slices with a mild cheese like Quark or Fontina. What I really love about it is the preponderance of whole grains: spelt, whole rye, brown rice. millet, cracked corn and wheat, steel cut oats, barley. Apparently their Chipotle Black Bean bread is also made with that whole grains mix.

JPLicks has their yearly feature of Pumpkin Custard Ice Cream and Pumpkin X Yoghurt. When eaten together, the tartness and richness work well together!

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  1. RE: JP Licks.

    I actually really liked their Wild Turkey Ice Cream (is it seasonal?) Actually had a float made from that. Pretty good stuff.

    1. Richardson's Ice Cream in Middleton is doing an apple crisp seasonal flavor. It has cooked apple chunks and crispy pieces (shortbread?) that make it taste just like apple pie a la mode. They also have pumpkin, but I haven't tried it.

      1. At Whole Foods on Beacon St in Brookline ...Pumpkin Pie soda made by Maine Root. I was skeptical but it was pretty good. It was REALLY good after I added vanilla ice cream and made a pumpkin pie float!

        1. Taza has chocolate covered cranberries for the season.