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Nov 9, 2013 02:40 PM

The Chairman (Hong Kong) - what are the must try dishes?

Going to have dinner there in less than 2 months.

Is this place still good?

There's maybe at most 4 of us. I know the signatures are the 18 flavor soy sauce chicken, and the flower crab in shaoxing wine with chicken lard.
I've seen a fair number of pretty interesting dishes, some that are more interesting than others.

What are some must try dishes, inclusive of off menu/requiring advance order? Curious if I should ask for a preorder wild fish. I know about the lard, fish head meat, and Japanese steamed egg dish...might give that a spin, as well as the shrimp with shrimp roe dish.


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  1. I keep meaning to head back but fail to get organised enough to book far enough in advance. The menu is quite short, and they can be persuaded to serve half portions of some dishes so you can try a wider spread - and with four you could try it all. That said I find their portion sizes to be reasonable unlike the traditional restaurants where each dish can be too large.

    I have enjoyed all the dishes there especially their century egg with the most wonderful young ginger. Do they do pre-order dishes - I was not aware.

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      Thanks PhilD, an excellent idea on half portion!

      Danny says 3 days is sufficient for preordering dishes (whether on the menu or not), and I suppose depending on seasonality/availability of ingredients. I'll float the half portion idea to Danny once I have some idea of what to order days before the scheduled meal.

    2. My favourites are the gold-coin chicken, the crabs, the 2-way prawns and the steamed chicken. The first two need an advance order and the latter two are pitch-perfect renditions of Cantonese standards. There is also an excellent mui-choy pork-belly which is great for a casual meal with greens plus rice but is a bit too much if you have a lot of other dishes as well.

      The steamed fish is fine but I think they try to limit themselves to locally-fished ones, so it is unlikely to be a magnificent grouper or some such.

      1. I loved the following:
        - Shallow fried Honey Glazed House Dried Fresh Oysters
        - Braised Ox tongue
        - Deep fried baby yellow Croaker
        - Smoked Pigeons
        - House special recipe Soya sauce Free Range Chicken
        - Steamed Flower Crab with vintage Fa Dew Chinese Wine

        1. Going in three weeks- Danny is making a customized menu of "greatest hits" for us......review to follow. His pre dinner communication is nothing short of fantastic, and his customization of our dinner has been amazing. If dinner is nearly as good as the pre dinner organization, it's going to be wonderful!!

          1. I tried The Chairman a couple of months back but didn't find it outstanding. We had the crab and pigeon for lunch and the shao xing jiu kinda overwhelmed everything. Pigeon was small and overly salty. And at that price point, I think the likes of Lung King Heen would be better.