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Nov 9, 2013 11:20 AM

Looking for cookies

A dear friend is stuck in Beth Israel Hospital for 2 weeks. I live in California and thought to send her a mail order gift basket of cookies, as she loves cookies. Then I thought to contact fellow Chowhounders. Can someone point me to a local bakery known for their cookies that would send them over to the hospital?Eagarly waiting your suggestions!

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  1. What a kind thought. It isn't exactly "local" in that it's mail order business has always thrived but I use Dancing Deer and have been pleased.

    1. I don't think they deliver but Tatte Bakery has beautiful cookies and shortbread cakes with caramel and nuts: You could always go on Task Rabbit or something to have someone deliver them. Or call Tatte, they may have a solution.

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        if i might add on to bugsey's suggestion:
        i am thinking how Tatte on Beacon St. is really pretty close to Beth Israel(BI)-maybe 6-8 min. car drive. Maybe if you spoke w/ the Tatte owner or mngr, they would be willing to charge your credit card for the cost of a cab to BI (I'm guessing $10)and Tatte just hands the wrapped gift and cash to the cab driver to deliver. Bet they could even put a balloon on it. Lovely thought on your part. Hope the best for your friend.

        1. re: opinionatedchef

          That's exactly what I was thinking. I bet they would do it.

      2. One of my all time favorite cookies is sourced at Formaggio/South End. Tate's Butterscotch pecan.
        Not sure if they do gift basket delivery.

        They're not local but I bet they do some nice gift baskets

        1. I've been happy with Geoff & Drew's cookies (I've sent them to out-of state family members):

          The FAQ says they ship via UPS, might be worth calling to see if they make different arrangements for local deliveries.

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            Same here - they've been a hit with the few people I've sent them to.

          2. We're sitting here with a bag of Tate's cookies as I'm reading your post....walnut chocolate chip.
            They are soooo DELICIOUS! They are are a consistent staple in my pantry. No one would guess they aren't homemade.
            On a recent Barefoot Contessa episode I saw Ina purchase
            "take-out" at Tate's.