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Looking for cookies

A dear friend is stuck in Beth Israel Hospital for 2 weeks. I live in California and thought to send her a mail order gift basket of cookies, as she loves cookies. Then I thought to contact fellow Chowhounders. Can someone point me to a local bakery known for their cookies that would send them over to the hospital?Eagarly waiting your suggestions!

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  1. What a kind thought. It isn't exactly "local" in that it's mail order business has always thrived but I use Dancing Deer and have been pleased.

    1. I don't think they deliver but Tatte Bakery has beautiful cookies and shortbread cakes with caramel and nuts: http://www.tattecookies.com/home.asp. You could always go on Task Rabbit or something to have someone deliver them. Or call Tatte, they may have a solution.

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        if i might add on to bugsey's suggestion:
        i am thinking how Tatte on Beacon St. is really pretty close to Beth Israel(BI)-maybe 6-8 min. car drive. Maybe if you spoke w/ the Tatte owner or mngr, they would be willing to charge your credit card for the cost of a cab to BI (I'm guessing $10)and Tatte just hands the wrapped gift and cash to the cab driver to deliver. Bet they could even put a balloon on it. Lovely thought on your part. Hope the best for your friend.

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          That's exactly what I was thinking. I bet they would do it.

      2. One of my all time favorite cookies is sourced at Formaggio/South End. Tate's Butterscotch pecan.
        Not sure if they do gift basket delivery.

        They're not local but I bet they do some nice gift baskets


        1. I've been happy with Geoff & Drew's cookies (I've sent them to out-of state family members):

          The FAQ says they ship via UPS, might be worth calling to see if they make different arrangements for local deliveries.

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            Same here - they've been a hit with the few people I've sent them to.

          2. We're sitting here with a bag of Tate's cookies as I'm reading your post....walnut chocolate chip.
            They are soooo DELICIOUS! They are are a consistent staple in my pantry. No one would guess they aren't homemade.
            On a recent Barefoot Contessa episode I saw Ina purchase
            "take-out" at Tate's.

            1. You might look at the Chipyard.

              My hotel in Boston provided these as part of their turndown service.

              1. Flour Bakery has some good cookies (chocolate chip, oreo, and their brownies are my personal favorites) and they say on the catering section of their website that they will arrange for a courier to deliver:


                Best wishes to your friend.

                1. Not local but some of the tastiest cookies i have had delivered are from http://www.selmas.com/meetthecookies....
                  The rasp white choc are especially awesome

                  1. Cookie Monstah delivers, the cookies are very good


                    1. Thanks to all you knowledgeable Chowhounders! Ended up with Geoff & Drew's due to choice, delivery options etc. I learned a lot about Cookies and Bakeries in Boston!

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                        It is a lovely and thoughtful gift, that I am sure your friend will appreciate to share with her nurses and visitors.