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Nov 9, 2013 10:40 AM

Pie and Coffee

With the cold weather setting in I'm hankering for a mid-day treat, as well as an excuse to get out into the raw elements of the season. What could be better than the comfort of pie and the pick-me-up of coffee? Where are some local faves?

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    1. I have not been there in quite a while but Curran's (42nd and Nicollet) used to have an inexpensive slice of pie deal on weekday afternoons...

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      1. re: zfwp

        Curran's features Chef Pierre pies. The are frozen, but good for what they are.

          1. re: ChillyDog

            Nice to read a current review, but if the pies were from Chef Pierre, as advertised, they are commercial, not homemade.

        1. Good pie is hard to come by. My favorite pie source in the Twin Cities is Turtle Bread on Chicago. All of their pies have been solid. Alas, I find their coffee wanting.

          For best of Minnesota, Heartland in Crosby (near Brainerd) is the best pie I've had in the state. All are great, but their forest berry is my favorite. Again, though, their coffee is nothing special.

          1. Has anyone tried the pie at Stockmen's Truck Stop?

            1. go try it and report back.