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Nov 9, 2013 10:30 AM

CT - out of season lobster roll

We're traveling to spend Thanksgiving with family in Bristol, CT. We'll be there all weekend and I MUST HAVE a lobster roll. I know it's the off season and all the best shacks are closed up till spring. But do you know of a place where I can get a killer lobster roll even in the winter? We're willing to drive a good distance. In fact, we may be heading to Boston over the weekend so could hit a place en route.


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  1. Flanders fish market and restaurant, just north of I 95 exit 74.

    1. Wouldn't call them "killer" rolls, but a place to try fairly close to Bristol is the Blue Lobster in Newington. A shack-like atmosphere, although it's also a fish market. About the best you'll likely find without going down to the coast.

      1. Dino's in North Haven on Rt 5 should be open. Great hot lobster rolls. No need to go too far.

        1. Blue Lobster on the Berlin Turnpike on the Newington/Berlin border is great. That being said, right up the street a cold (lobster salad) roll can be had at Stew Leonard's for a lot less $.

          1. Stew Leonard's in Newington (on Berlin Turnpike) has them in the seafood department. You'll want to enhance them with a squeeze of lemon.

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              not a warm CT lob roll, but mayo cold.