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CT - out of season lobster roll

We're traveling to spend Thanksgiving with family in Bristol, CT. We'll be there all weekend and I MUST HAVE a lobster roll. I know it's the off season and all the best shacks are closed up till spring. But do you know of a place where I can get a killer lobster roll even in the winter? We're willing to drive a good distance. In fact, we may be heading to Boston over the weekend so could hit a place en route.


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  1. Flanders fish market and restaurant, just north of I 95 exit 74.

    1. Wouldn't call them "killer" rolls, but a place to try fairly close to Bristol is the Blue Lobster in Newington. A shack-like atmosphere, although it's also a fish market. About the best you'll likely find without going down to the coast.


      1. Dino's in North Haven on Rt 5 should be open. Great hot lobster rolls. No need to go too far.


        1. Blue Lobster on the Berlin Turnpike on the Newington/Berlin border is great. That being said, right up the street a cold (lobster salad) roll can be had at Stew Leonard's for a lot less $.

          1. Stew Leonard's in Newington (on Berlin Turnpike) has them in the seafood department. You'll want to enhance them with a squeeze of lemon.

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              not a warm CT lob roll, but mayo cold.

            2. My mom enjoyed the lobster roll she had at the Daniel Packer Inne in Mystic even more so than her usual favorites (Lobster Landing in Clinton; Lenny & Joe's in Westbrook).

              Of course, Lenny & Joe's is closer to Bristol, but a trip to Mystic is always fun.

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                + 1 on Lenny and Joe's in Westbrook. Had one there last night. Still as good as ever. They have cold (w mayo) as well as hot (w hot butter). About 55 minutes from Bristol.

              2. Look for a Tinker's Seafood in Bristol. They may have closed (as the one in West Hartford is now called Joe's). They have a nice hot (buttered) lobster roll that you don't have to trek down to the shore for.
                Ditto for Blue Lobster as previously mentioned. I live in CT and adore lobster rolls (but rarely, if ever, drive to the shore to get one).

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                  Tinker's Seafood in Bristol has gone out of business.

                2. The Glenwood in Hamden is always reliable. Lobster chunks in butter on a split top, great cut to order onion rings, home made ice cream.

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                    Second the Glenwood. Good drive-in type place, if you're looking for a very casual experience.

                  2. you can't go wrong with Close Harbor Seafood on 322 in Southington.


                    1. I read a favorable review on a lobster roll website of City Fish Market's roll which is on the Silas Deane in Wethersfield.
                      They have it both ways - hot or cold.