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Nov 9, 2013 10:16 AM

Powers Irish Whiskey has changed....

"Powers Gold Label Relaunches with a new look. Powers relaunches its iconic Gold Label whiskey with new look packaging, seeing a return to its original export strength of 43.2% ABV and non-chill filtration."

A mistake, in my book. Higher fusel alcohols, harsher (and I don't mind a higher proof). Plain old off-putting.

This had been my go-to product when I can't afford Redbreast. I won't be buying the new bottle with it's cork and higher price point, they've lost a customer. Dammit, if you want to add a product, that's fine, but don't change your base product and pull the rug out from under your loyal customers!

Try it somewhere when you can taste just a bit. But, you have been warned.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Powers has long been a favorite of mine as an everyday whiskey or when I don't feel like breaking into my Green Spot stash.

    I'll have to try the new powers out to see, but it's disappointing to read your review.

    BTW, have you tried Powes 12-year? It's been on my list to try for a while but has been impossible to find. Know any bars they stock it or stores?

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    1. re: Klunco

      I''ve not had the 12 yr old. Like you, I suspect, Powers had been my 'value' choice, a reward after a late night's surfcasting...

      Sigh, I don't do Jamesons, and Black Bush is an investment as well....

    2. I hope this isn't a bad change. Powers, neat and a Guinness is my standby at my local, what they pour me when I walk in. Reserving judgment till I taste it.