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Where can I find Choucroute Garnie??

Last night I was at Le Petite Chateau in North Hollywood and asked the owner, Christianne, if she ever put Choucroute on the menu. She explained there was just no customer call for it. I went to Alsace specifically looking to eat Choucroute and had it in a small town called Itterswiller. I'm not looking to do Itterswiller but maybe something "close". Thanks for any help.

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  1. Choucroute in Los Angeles is a challenge. It appears on menus from time to time. Bier Beisl in Beverly Hills had it but they are closing today. One good resource is to call the European Sausage Kitchen since they specialize the sausage that goes into Choucroute.

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      Thanks Ann. I understand Bier Beisel will be relocating to West Los Angeles early next year so I will follow up when they open. Thanks for the heads up on European.

    2. You just missed the very good annual special of choucroute at Marche Moderne in OC--it was mid-October for about a week. There is always next year, though.

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        Choucroute at Marche Moderne is always a good time.

        Heard MM is having Cassoulet for one week from November 21-27th as part of a Beaujolais Nouveau pairing event...which is really sacrilege.

        But for the cassoulet...hmmm.

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          The cassoulet is usually also excellent there but it will be a bit pricey at $30 ($39 with a glass of the BN).

      2. It is a shame. One of my favorite dishes on Earth...at least the rest of Earth, not here.

        1. I wonder if you tried to special order it a Maison Giraud if they would comply?

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            Bob, I started this tread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/923650 in your honor over on the Home Cooking board.

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              He might, but it is something that needs advance notice....like at least a few days.... I will ask him next time I go to the farmers market....

            2. Bottlerock has it on their lunch menu. Don't know how close it is to your ideal.

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                Bob, was that a special of the day? There website, though definitely not definitive, does not show Choucroute.

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                    Well, Menupages is far more complete than the restaurant's website. Chicken sausage though? If you're going to put in pork belly why not Toulouse or Andouille? Oh well, it seems worth trying considering the dearth of restaurants that seem to have it and further considering the cost of flying to and staying in Alsace. Thanks muchly.

              2. i can't vouch for the quality, but church & state downtown has it on their menu:


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                  Now that looks well worth the trip. I'm there. Although an Alsatian wine would be the best pairing I'll go with a beer.

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                    do let us know how it is. for some reason i ventured into a bistro that specialized in alsatian cuisine when i was in paris a while back and i had chocroute garni there. oddly enough, i think it's the sauerkraut that makes the meal that would otherwise be overly fatty to my tastes.

                2. a la Gorge:
                  "beer sausage and choucroute".

                  It's not "exactly" choucroute garnie, I suppose, but they produce all their own sausages, and the potatoes are grown locally, by known farmers. Darius, the hubs, will pair it with a French beer. And he might even have an Alsatian wine for you.

                  It's part of the regular menu, I believe, since the last time I had it was well over 6 months ago.

                    1. I had the choucroute at Church and State. I would call it nouvelle choucroute. Portion was small but it was pretty tasty.Its hard to find. Unless you go to Paris you will have to settle for New York where its pretty common. I have been forced to make my own