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Nov 9, 2013 07:45 AM

Going to Rome; Not Trendy and Don't Want to Be

My wife and I are regular visitors to Paris, where I used to live.

We would like to have the kind of resto experiences in Rome that we have in Paris: Experiment a little -- no 'cute' fusion or arty decor, though -- return to tradition as to old slippers and, in general, have the kinds of meals that smell, that spell, terroir.

We look to enjoying a cheap trattoria as much as a fine Romano establishment. For the latter, we'll eat at an odd time to avoid the crowd.

We believe that it's about food, the food, and nothing but the food.


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  1. There have been many, many threads here on dining in Rome over the past few months. Here is one that might be of interest:

    You can either scroll back thru the recent post to find the ones about Rome or you can use the search feature in the upper right-hand corner of this past to find threads on dining in Rome.

    I have high regard for the comments of Maureen Fant (mbfant), who is a food writer living in Rome. You can find some good ideas on her website.

    1. Having just been to Rome a few weeks ago, I will highly recommend Armando al Pantheon. It fits all your criteria.

      1. As DavidT has pointed out, this has been discussed many times on this board.

        That said, my current favorites are:
        Armando al Pantheon
        Taverna dei Fori Imperiali
        Settimio al Pelligrino
        Osteria Monteverde
        Sora Margherita

        There are so many more though, it's worth doing a bit of research on this board.

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          As Elizabeth said, do a little research then come back with a list so we can give you our opinions of the places that interest you. Then we can discuss them with you instead of just giving you lists. These types of threads are always more beneficial to you, the OP, when you have a bit of knowledge about the subject and can participate in the conversation. We look forward to seeing the list you come up with.

        2. Do Tonino (Via del Governo Vecchio 18 ) is not trendy and good.

          1. we have had our best trattoria meals in recent visits to Rome at Armando (Roman food, we like the baby lamb, tripe, and traditional pastas and better than average desserts) and Trattoria Monti. (food of the Marche region). Both are very traditional in style.