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Nov 9, 2013 07:13 AM

Christmas Dinner in Rome

We had to re-schedule our summer Rome trip so now we have an opportunity to spend Christmas in Rome.
We are a family of five - including a budding CIA chef.
Budget not a big issue.
Three questions ( feel free to help with any).
1) What restaurnat would you recommend for Christmas dinner( and is in fact open! )??
2) What restaurant in Trastevere for great food and atmosphere would you recommend.
3) Any food destination at Christmas time we shouldn't miss?

T and T

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  1. Two responses to your questions:

    1. Christmas dinner in a trattoria in a city even as big as Rome is going to be a bit difficult to find since most restaurants are traditionally closed that famously family holiday. However, you might do well in Trastevere (re: your second question) since it's a traditionally Jewish neighborhood with a number of great trattorias that may be open on the Christian holiday.

    2. From Luciano Pignatore's blog, ranked among the ten best trattorias in Rome by Il Messagero (Rome's daily):

    Carlone in Trastevere

    Loosely translated from Pignatore's blog: Although in Trastevere, the trattoria in question is anything but touristy. Simple dishes, starting with classic [Roman] first courses: pasta all'amatriciana, carbonara, cacio e pepe, gricia. Via della Luce 5; tel. 06.5800039. 35 euro per

    The blog is in Italian, but the names and addresses of the trattorie are easily gleaned.

    Buon appetito!

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    1. re: Lizzykins

      Thanks for taking the time to reply and the helpful info. Restaurants being open in the Jewish Ghetto makes sense!
      Mille grazie!

    2. If budget is no option, then all of the high end hotel restaurants will be serving Christmas meals. The Eden, Imago at the Hassler and of course La Pergola at the Waldorf are all extraordinary, but huge, big blowout experiences. Also Massimo Riccioli at the Majestic is a new place that is fabulous.

      Otherwise you will just have to call around, because the restaurants tend to change from year to year, if they are open or not.

      Christmas Eve is usually dedicated to fish, so you might want to try one of the fish places like La Gensola and Da Claudio il Localino.

      La Gensola is in Trastevere.

      At Christmas you should definitely try the specialities like artisinally made pannetone from Roscioli or Romeo.

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      1. re: minchilli

        Thanks, so much - I'll check out your recommendations. For Christmas if we end up "splurging" it will be OK. For the rest of the trip I have your app loaded and ready to go. Cheers. We look forward to our trip.

      2. This link from Tavole Romane is from last year, but they usually update it closer to the holiday.