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Nov 9, 2013 06:48 AM

"Toast" the movie

If you have not seen the movie "Toast," the biography of Nigel Slater, I recommend it (Netflix). It is the story of his youth and how his dear mother's lack of any cooking skills more or less drove him toward food and cooking. Helen Bonham Carter plays his father's second wife and is hilarious.

I would call the movie sweet, but his father was not a very good parent. There was very little physical abuse (maybe one short scene?) but the verbal abuse is pretty bad. Regardless, Nigel escaped home life after his father's death and seemed to be unaffected by his foul behavior.

Nigel Slater is, of course, the beloved British food writer and cookbook author. He makes a brief cameo appearance at the end of the movie.

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  1. I saw this "made for TV" film when it was first shown (on BBC1) in 2010. As often with film representations of books, it isnt as good as the original form.

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    1. re: Harters

      Enjoyed the book, the film not so much. Awful bit of acting from the man himself but enjoyed the 70's period detail.
      Actually got the book from a charity shop in Surrey. Lady at the till asked if I liked Nigel Slater, I said yes he's very good isn't he? Good god no she replied, can't stand the man. So not as universally loved as I'd assumed.

      1. re: Paprikaboy

        I'm a big fan of his recipes, PB. Really enjoy his writing which, IMO, he should stick to. Not as keen on his TV persona which, to my mind, he comes across as overly pretentious and pompous. I feel sure that, if this is his real character, then his life as a child must have been miserable - he'd be the sort of lad we'd have taken behind the bike sheds and regularly given him a good kicking.

        By the by, I've just bought his latest book - "Eat".

    2. I really enjoyed this movie. Trailer:

      The child actor steals the show!

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      1. re: HillJ

        He really does and is totally self assured and indefatigable in his pursuit of good food :-)

      2. I enjoyed the film. If you want recipes by Nigel Slater, check the Guardian website.

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        1. re: hal2010

          I get regular emails from the Guardian on his posts.