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Nov 9, 2013 06:40 AM

ISO: killer chocolate cake in Pioneer Valley

Hello! Any recommendations for great chocolate cake within a 30 min. drive of Northampton? I would like rec's for bakeries and also for a restaurant with great desserts (chocolate cake, preferred). Thanks!

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  1. I'm a chocolate baker, and really fussy about chocolate cake, etc. I haven't found anything in the valley that knocks my socks off, but wanted to share that I love, and drive a long way to get, Bread Euphoria in Hadleyville's chocolate bouchons (they freeze beautifully.) They are not traditional bouchons; are very dry and cocoa based, with added chocolate chunks, and made in a muffin tin. Extremely chocolaty.

    Unfortunately, though their little cakes and cupcakes are well made and lovely to look at (and gift), I don't care for thier chocolate stout cake, and find their buttercream less than perfect.

    If you're ever in the Berkshires, stop at Chocolate Springs on Rt. 20 btwn Pittsfield and Lenox, and try his chocolate cupcake with true vanilla buttercream.

    1. Woodstar Café right in downtown N'hampton makes a delicious chocolate stout cupcake (not to everyone's taste perhaps, but we love it). Who knows what other wonders lurk in their bakery showcase? Give it a try.
      Also, following up on mjoyous, Josh Needleman's chocolate cakes at Chocolate Springs are quite Parisian and altogether fabulous.

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        Thanks for the Woodstar suggestion. We ordered a chocolate layer cake and it was very good. I liked it better than a similar offering at Tart.

      2. Side Street Cafe which just closed had the best chocolate cake in the valley, IMHO.

        1. Thanks for the replies so far!

          I just tried a chocolate-vanilla layered cake at Tart. Pretty good, though I prefer their pies...

          And if I were looking for somewhere to go for drinks with a side of chocolate cake? Is that possible in Northampton?

          1. Gregory's Pastries in South Hadley is an excellent bakery. Not sure it they are still open. Haven't been there in a while and they come up as closed on Yelp.

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              They were one of the eleven small businesses that burned down last week in Hadley, not South Hadley.
              I never cared for their chocolate cake though.

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                Hmmm. What about the chocolate cake (French-style) at 40 Green Street Lunch? Portion is huge, and the choco-maniac I'm married to would eat two if there weren't this mean censor sitting across from him.
                It depends on your preference in style of chocolate cake, but even I have to admit it's pretty darn good.
                (Of course the drink to go with would be coffee or excellent tea, but you can't have everything in this world all the time.)