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Nov 9, 2013 05:39 AM

What's the best rice to use for Avgolemono?

I was thinking about using Orzo, but I also have Basmati and River medium white in the pantry. Ideas?

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  1. Orzo isn't rice, it is pasta.
    Basmati would be my choice

      1. I've made it with rice and orzo. I prefer orzo, but when I used rice it was a rice I bought at a Middle Eastern grocery store.
        I have no idea what kind of rice it is, but its fantastic.
        It comes in a plastic Baggie labeled rice for pilaf....funny
        I love ethnic grocery stores.


          I prefer the short grain rice for it's absorbency - arborio or Bomba

          1. Any of them will work fine. That said, Basmati tends to break up and get mushy when in the soup for long.