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Nov 9, 2013 05:15 AM

Anyone have a good recipe for apple cider sangria?

I've seen it posted all over Facebook and Pinterest in the past month no one who has done so has actually made the stuff yet. I've done some searching online but the recipes are all over the place. Some have white wine and plain apple cider, some have apple cider and hard cider, some have ginger brandy while some have apple vodka.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has actually made such a concoction before and what you thought about it. My usual red sangria has red wine, sweet vermouth, peach schnapps, and Luxardo cherry liqueur so I don't mind buying various things to put into it. I really just want it to taste delicious and with a bit of a kick to it.

Thanks for any input you may have.

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  1. I LOVE apple cider and good dark rum: Goslings, Myers, Coruba, or Old Monk.

    Great taste combo.

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      I'll second that. I had some with TJ's spiced cider and Flor De Cana dark about a week ago. Probably not what you'd consider a top of the line dark rum, but i like it.
      It felt like Fall.


      Njc, you could write to the gals @ PUNCH magazine for help.
      Punch is a fairly new online magazine covering cocktails among other things.

      1. I do the apple cider, white wine, ginger brandy version. Last year we used Pinot Grigio per the instructions and imo it was not sweet enough. This year I am using Riesling.

        1. Good morning! I made the Caramel Apple Sangria weekend before last and I very much liked it. It was on the sweet side, but not overwhelmingly so. I had to use the Pinnacle Cinnabon vodka in lieu of the caramel kiss vodka, as it apparently isn't sold in my market. I served with country ham biscuits and it was a really fun combination.

          1. This is the recipe I wound up making last year. It is wonderful!


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