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Nov 9, 2013 03:39 AM

Need some really great restaurants for after the Marathon.

Spending four days in Seattle after the marathon, and need suggestions for great restaurants. We will be a group of four women, helping our friend celebrate her 50th birthday by running the Marathon. Youngest is 27, oldest is 50, so we are open to anything. We are from Los Angeles, so really looking for fresh seafood. All price ranges.

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  1. For seafood downtown, Blueacre:

    For shellfish and small plates, in a vibrant north end neighborhood location, Walrus and the Carpenter:

    In the Pike Place Market, Steelhead Diner (sister operation to Blueacre), and Etta's (a Tom Douglas restaurant):

    Most of Seattle's better restaurants will have some seafood dishes on the menu, so it is easy to find good seafood at most of the better places in town, but the restaurants mentioned above are seafood-centric.

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