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Nov 8, 2013 11:52 PM

Hot Dog Cook-off at Dante's Nov.17th , Sun., 2-6pm

I know there's a bunch of you who post about hot dog love. Wanted to make sure you knew about this event- w/ real who's who of Boston meat chefs competing!:
Participating Chefs include:

Jamie Bissonnette, Toro/Coppa
Anthony Caturano, Prezza
Chris Coombs, Deuxave/Boston Chops/dbar
Brian Dandro, ArtBar
Evan Deluty, Stella/29 Sudbury
Louis DiBiccari, Tavern Road
Tiffani Faison & Dan Raia, Sweet Cheeks
Jeff Fournier, 51 Lincoln/Waban Kitchen
Chris Frothingham, Vine Brook Tavern
Will Gilson, Puritan & Company
Colin Lynch, Barbara Lynch Gruppo
Sam Monsour, JM Curley
Matthew Morello, Brasserie28
Rodney Murillo, Davio's
Jason Santos, Blue Inc./Abby Lane/Back Bay Harry's
Frank Toohey, Biltmore Bar & Grille/Local 149
Josh Ziskin, La Morra
ANNUAL COOK OFF! - THE BEST DRESSED DOG PAGEANT. The event will take place from 2:00pm - 6:00pm.

I wonder if they'll do it on their patio on the river; i bet it will be alot of fun.
Hope someone will report!

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    [T]his year the dante team will be naming the Best Dressed Dog at their annual cook-off. ... Plan on being on the restaurant’s riverside patio by 2:00pm on Sunday, November 17th to try them all and pick the wiener...They’ll all start out with the grass-fed beef hotdogs courtesy of Savenor’s which they can encase in a vessel of their choosing and top however they see fit. The rain or shine event costs $20 per person and tickets are available at the door.