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Heritage turkey in New York or NYC??

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Anyone have good suggestions where to get heritage turkeys (authentic single breed ones) in the NYC-metro area?
If not, what good alternatives are there--I'm looking to try turkeys of a different taste profile & that are sustainable.

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  1. I have gotten wild turkey several times from Ottomanelli UES. It's pricey and they're not huge, but they have more dark meat (which I like). BTW year-round you can get fresh off-the-bone turkey sandwiches--including darkmeat at the Viand coffee shop on Madison near 61st.

    1. This article has a few resources in the city and brooklyn:

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        Thanks! I got mine from Heritage USA ~

      2. Clawhammer Farm is selling their fresh birds for $5 a pound with deliveries in Manhattan and Brooklyn the Monday before Thanksgiving: http://store.clawhammerfarm.com/produ...