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Nov 8, 2013 02:27 PM

De Buyer Mineral B Crepe Pan causes smoke alarm to go off

Hi All,

I am having several issues with my new De Buyer CS Mineral B Crepe pan. The most urgent one is that the two times I've used it, it sets the smoke alarm off. I use it on medium or under medium heat on my electric ceramic cooktop, and I use canola oil. I have cooked South Indian dosas on it, nothing else so far. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, or do most of you who use these pans put your vent fan on while you are cooking? Thanks all!

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  1. Do you actually see a lot of alarm? In other words, you either produce way too much smoke than you need to, or you have a super sensitive smoke alarm.

    Yes, there are times which it is beneficial to have a smoking hot pan, but I don't think you will ever need that to make a crepe or a dosa.

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      The house does get smoky, but I only have the heat on medium or less. Perhaps I need halfway between low and medium, I am just not sure…thanks...

      1. re: macsandindianfood

        You probably have a very powerful stove then. Good luck.

    2. Why wouldn't you turn the vent hood on?

      Also, try a lower heat setting with a higher smoke point oil and don't let the pan sit empty when hot.

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      1. re: Sid Post

        Agreed. I don't even boil an egg without the vent on...just because it is habit.

        When cooking ANYTHING with oil you should be running the fan. You will be getting grease on everything over time if you don't.

        Running the exhaust will obviously keep the smoke level down in the kitchen. That really should go without saying...

        1. re: Sid Post

          The exhaust fan tends to blow dust around which I don't want in my food :-) But I am going to try to put it on before I start cooking so the dust settles, lol!

          1. re: macsandindianfood

            Do you have a recirculating fan? Trying to figure out why it would blow dust around.

            1. re: JayL

              I think I may not clean it as often as I should, and it's probably surface dust…

              1. re: JayL

                Mostly because there is dust everywhere. :P

                1. re: Chemicalkinetics


                  I guess it is a ductless, recirculating vent that blows back into the kitchen. If it had a duct and exhausted outside, it shouldn't blow anything back inside...that's why I asked about the dust. If a true exhaust fan is blowing back in, then there could be deeper issues.

                  Glad the dosas are working out!

                2. re: JayL

                  Update: my pan is working perfectly, almost completely non stick and seasoned. Dosa's are looking and tasting great too, I just have to work a bit on my spreading in concentric circles technique! I've learned to use less oil and cook on a lower flame, so no smoke alarm going off!