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Nov 8, 2013 12:34 PM

Spinoff from "When your order is not what you ordered" thread; When your order is BETTER than what you ordered

I can't recall it ever happening to me, but have you ever received your drive-thru or to go order only to realize later that you were given a better order than what you asked for?

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    1. re: JMF

      me either. I so rarely do the drive thru its more "I want what I want", nothing else will do.

    2. Once last summer I was offered an ice cream cone for free that was an extra from another order. I politely declined, took my $1 iced coffee and drove off.

      1. Yes, I was traveling for work and went to a Thai restaurant. I cannot remember now what I originally ordered or what I got, but when I got back to my hotel and opened it up it was obviously a different dish. I was too tired and hungry at the end of the day to go back so I tried it and it was very good.

        I hope whoever got "my" order enjoyed it too. The restaurant was very busy, so I am guessing that they just handed me the wrong bag.

        1. Not drive-thru or take away but at a really nice restaurant I was given a different dessert than what I ordered and I think I was better off for it.

          1. one late AM almost lunch at a t/o, I was sorta overlooked for some insistent regulars and waited, the clerk gave me extra of everything (it was White Castle - I didn't want 4 or 5, but she was sweet about apologizing - the dog liked it and he gets less junk like that than me, even though his metabolism might just handle it better).