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Spinoff from "When your order is not what you ordered" thread; When your order is BETTER than what you ordered

I can't recall it ever happening to me, but have you ever received your drive-thru or to go order only to realize later that you were given a better order than what you asked for?

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    1. re: JMF

      me either. I so rarely do the drive thru its more "I want what I want", nothing else will do.

    2. Once last summer I was offered an ice cream cone for free that was an extra from another order. I politely declined, took my $1 iced coffee and drove off.

      1. Yes, I was traveling for work and went to a Thai restaurant. I cannot remember now what I originally ordered or what I got, but when I got back to my hotel and opened it up it was obviously a different dish. I was too tired and hungry at the end of the day to go back so I tried it and it was very good.

        I hope whoever got "my" order enjoyed it too. The restaurant was very busy, so I am guessing that they just handed me the wrong bag.

        1. Not drive-thru or take away but at a really nice restaurant I was given a different dessert than what I ordered and I think I was better off for it.

          1. one late AM almost lunch at a t/o, I was sorta overlooked for some insistent regulars and waited, the clerk gave me extra of everything (it was White Castle - I didn't want 4 or 5, but she was sweet about apologizing - the dog liked it and he gets less junk like that than me, even though his metabolism might just handle it better).

            1. Better, no...
              Bigger, Yes

              I generally only use DT at McD's to get my oldest dog a vanilla cone, or plain cheeseburger or chicken nuggets

              or Dunkin for coffee for me if there's no close parking and it's raining/snowing.

              Last Wednesday, took the dog at 10Pm for a chicken nugget run and ordered a 6pc. Handed me the bag and drove off, opened it to gove og a piece and it was a 20 pack.

              Thursday, I ordered a medium coffee and was handed an extra large, DT girl (looked 16) said; I'm out of large and too busy to go downstairs and get them, so I'm pouring extra large until the manager gets off his ass and brings the medium cups to me.

              Glad I don't own the franchise.....

              1. PotatoHouse,
                I love the optimism of your post. Hasn't happened to me yet, but after reading the stories, I will look out for it.

                1. Yes, I ordered something to go from a California-Mexican place and the counter person mistook it for another item that sounded similar. I had ordered over the phone and the place was very noisy. When I got home I realized I got the wrong item, but we decided to try it anyway. It was a quesadilla that was loosely based on a Cuban sandwich. It was absolutely delicious and caused me to try Cuban sandwiches at restaurants as well as preparing them myself. But for that mistake I would have never known the wonderfulness of Cuban sandwiches. This was quite awhile ago and I always order the Cuban quesadilla when it is a special at the same California/Mexican.

                  1. The most recent one was pretty good. 8 months pregnant and had a jones for KFC 6 piece deal after seeing an ad for it during a lions game. While chatting about the game with the counter guy, he realized he was out of legs, so gave me some extra thighs. Then some fresh legs came out, and he gave me some of those. My six piece ended up a 10 piece!

                    1. We called a local Chinese restaurant and placed an order for takeout. I'd called in the order, 3 dishes plus rice, DH went to pick it up and didn't check the bag, not knowing what I'd ordered. When he got home, we pulled out container after container - obviously they'd given us an order for another customer who had to be feeding at least 6 people.

                      We called the restaurant, and they said to keep the extra food and not worry about it, they'd already begun making up the order for the other family. We had Chinese food for dinner that night and at least the next day's lunch and dinner.

                      1. Once on a particularly bad day at work, I used the drive-thru at McDonald's to pick up a salad for lunch. Didn't check it. Back at my desk I found my correct salad order, plus a Filet o Fish.

                        A random FoF from the universe on a bad day? Thank you, universe.