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Nov 8, 2013 11:09 AM

Pizza on Rt110

So I've been trying some pizza on Rt110 and although mostly unimpressed, I have made an interesting observation.

Francesco's makes garlic knots sliced and "stuffed" with a thin slice of pepperoni and a single shred of cheese product. Whatever.

Mario's is so inconsistent I can't seem to make a determination on whether to like it or hate it.

Then there's Victors Pizza and Pasta house.
This place gets crazy busy at lunch. I wait in line each time.
There's nothing *wrong* with the food here. It's just that with all the other pizza joints so close by, what's the attraction here?
Prices aren't cheap. Portions the usual as everywhere else. Taste is just ok, serviceable. The line to order with all tables full get me wondering, what am I missing?

Any Chowhound eat here?
What's up? Why so busy?

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    1. If you venture north into HuntingtonStation, Giuseppe's is supposed to be okay. Further north, in Huntington proper, although slightly removed from Rte 110, NY Ave, Junior's is my go to spot. I like pies with thick crusts that are puffed, and they sometimes produce this product, although not always.

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        Thanks for the rec on Junior's.

        One of the few places around here that actually cook the dough through. No raw dough here. Crispy crunchy was the pizza slices I tried.

      2. Update on this place called Victors Pizza and Pasta House 712 Walt Whitman Rd, Melville, NY 11747 (631) 351-1270

        This place gets mobbed at lunch. Crazy. They do make good pizza. It's not the best. No. It's just very good and much better than what I have sampled in the area. It took several trips to make this determination, but there it is. Victors Pizza at lunch is busy because the pizzas are good.