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Nov 8, 2013 09:26 AM

BYOB for a rehearsal dinner

My son is getting married in Philly the Sunday before Memorial Day, 2014.
I would like to find a restaurant for the Saturday rehearsal dinner with impeccable food, the ability to seat 40ish, in a relatively safe area, preferably old city. Any ideas? Most of the BYOB's I have found on the internet seem tiny.

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  1. That's a lot of restrictions. Is the hotel in old city? Or is there some other reason you want it there?

    If you branch out a bit, I think matyson, melograno, branzino are all BYOs that could handle that size, but you'd have to rent out the whole place for some of them.

    If you are willing to not do a BYO, the back room at Zahav would be great.

    1. there *are* BYOs in old city, but it hink they are sort of mediocre, and I don't know that their kitchens are big enough to handle 40 covers at the same time.

      1. Old City on a Saturday night isn't exactly the safest place in the city. There is a very good BYO down there though, Bistro 7. I haven't been in years but I've heard it's still good, and they can do a private party for 40 people:

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          Despite what the website says, you'd have to use both the upstairs and downstairs at Bistro 7 to handle 40 people. Biggest group I've seen upstairs was 28 and that pretty much maxed out the space.

        2. try Radicchio cafe at 4th and wood - North end of Old City, BYO

          1. 40 seats on a Saturday night in a BYOB anywhere in the City is going to be a tough find, unless you are willing to pay to rent the restaurant for the night. You may be better off looking for a caterer and an event space (although you'll probably have to pay a rental fee). You might try for locations. I had a nice party at DiBruno Bros (Rittenhouse, though, not Old City) the night before my wedding.