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Nov 8, 2013 09:23 AM

peter lugers

We are coming to NYC and I want to take my husband for his birthday for a good steak. I thought of Peter Lugers but can only get the last reservation.
I was wondering if their other location is just as good or should we go for lunch? Is their another steakhouse that you would recommend? Will be in the18-25th. Price is not a consideration. Thanks

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    1. FYI - their other location is out on Long Island's North Shore in Great Neck.

      Will you drive out there or you can always take the LIRR + a cab to the restaurant.

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      1. re: pbjluver

        i was there last night for the first time and was really disappointed. nothing about it screamed special occasion - not the clientele, the hostess, the space, or the meal, itself. the famed bacon was good, but felt lonely on a plate of its own. i had expected better options on sides and wines. we opted for broccoli and french fries in absence of carrots or mushrooms or something else more interesting. the steak was really well cooked and seasoned, but everything else was average at best. service was not on the level of other similarly priced restaurants. water glasses were left unfilled constantly. there was no attempt to refill near empty wine glasses. the waiters crowded the table while trying to get everything to fit. it was like navigating an obstacle course to reach the sides. i'm still interested to try the Williamsburg location, but won't be returning to Great Neck.

        1. re: coasts

          Williamsburg is more of the same. Doesn't have an upscale feel besides the price.

      2. Peter Lugers is in Brooklyn but very close to Manhattan.
        Their other location is out on Long Island. Not close to Manhattan.
        Peter Luger's is great but not worth the trip to Long Island when there are so many other excellent steak houses in Manhattan.

        1. Keen's is quite fabulous, midtown and easy to get to.

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          1. re: chasamark

            Just celebrated a bday party at Keens, and would not recommend them to anyone.

            Peter Lugers is an experience - I have had great steak there and not so great (tough , chewy w/ lots of grizzle) steak there. Seems like you are getting a dose of their famous obnoxious attitude up front. I would call a few more times before your visit and check for cancellations, or visit during the daytime.

            1. re: gjrubino

              Disagree about Keens vs. Luger for a special occasion. Keens is the better overall "experience" IMO -- much nicer atmosphere and better service, deeper menu. (i.e. oysters, lamb...)

              We just went to Lugar recently with the intent of comparing, and while it seemed like technically a more refined preparation we just didn't prefer it, we are so used to the way Keens does porterhouse now.

              1. re: scooter

                Keen's beats Luger's out by a pretty wide margin.

                1. re: The Professor

                  ive been going to lugers since i was 7 years old and was there last week.

                  the steak isn't as special as it used to be and the crowd is a bit less refined than keens. also, the wine list just sucks at lugers.

                  keens can have occasional service issues but overall, its a much more enjoyable steakhouse.

          2. It is not worth the trip to Long Island for Peter Luger's. Brooklyn location will be a great experience.
            Another choice would be Wolfgang's in Manhattan (Tribeca location I prefer) The owner was maitre d' at Peter Luger for about 25 years. he has same meat connections, employees from Peter luger, etc. IMO most of the time the steak is equal to Luger's. Most of the time Luger's steak is equal to Luger's.
            For some reason these steakhouses have inconsistency.

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            1. re: foodwhisperer

              I agree that from Manhattan there is no reason to travel to Great Neck, but Brooklyn will be the same experience, for the most part. Like many here, I have been to both more times then I can count and last Monday in Brooklyn, was the same experience as I have regularly in Great Neck. One difference is the "clientele". I find Great Neck to be more families and Brooklyn to be more tourists and Wall Street. Most everything else, most importantly the food is identical, though Great Neck does lobsters. As for wine, what everyone says is true, but I'm a beer guy and the tap brews are more then good enough. Sure they are inconsistent, but when they are on, that steak is perfect. Sounds like this is not the OP's kind of place, fine. No restaurant is great for everyone. I wonder if the economy is making obtaining reservations easier. A group of at least 15 of us do a once a year dinner and in the past they would only offer us 5:30 or 9:30. We called last month and got a 7:45, day before election day without a problem. Oh,we loved it, crowded table of plates, family style, reaching over everyone. Our beer glasses were never empty.