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Nov 8, 2013 09:14 AM

Florence Recommendations - (pre-wedding) dinner for 30 people

Hello all:

I expect that this will be a tough one, but am looking to solicit opinions/recommendations for restaurants/osteria/trattoria in Florence which would allow for 30 people dining together AND provide excellent food.

As background, we (my fiance and I) are getting married in Florence at the beginning of July next year. We will be having guests from the states as well as Europe and some people who are travelling long distances will be arriving early. We would like to take these people out for an authentic Florentine/Tuscan dinner on Thursday night.

We were hoping to book out Osteria Vini e Vecchi Sapori, which we ate at over the summer and absolutely loved. But, unfortunately, they cannot accommodate this many people (we will be bringing our immediate families there on Wednesday night instead).

Thank you in advance for any opinions/recommendations. Also, we have yet to select our caterer for the wedding on Saturday, so if you happen to have recommendations on this front, I'd love to hear those too!


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  1. There have been some similar enquiries in the past, dont know if this will be helpful, but you should use the search bar on this board at the right top - if you put in, say "Florence Reception" or "Florence Wedding" you will see what there is at any rate.

    1. Antico Ristoro dei Cambi can definitely accomodate your group. They have a big back room, with huge long tables. It's a fun, relaxed place, with great, straightforward Tuscan food.

      Trattoria I Due G would also be able to fit you in. They are a very traditional, old fashioned place not far from the station.

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        Great. Thanks so much for those recommendations. We will check those out when we are there in December.

        I did just receive a list from the woman who is helping us with our marriage paperwork. She suggested the following and I was wondering if you know of any or had any thoughts on the following. The only ones I've read about is Il Latini (with mixed reviews) and we ate at Santo Bevitori when we were in Florence (liked it very much but not sure it's right for this type of dinner)

        LA BUSSOLA
        DA CAMILLO

        Thanks again for your input. Very helpful.

        1. re: jimicat

          since you are coming in summer La Beppa might be nice as it is sort of a "greenhouse" outside the city walls.

          personally i prefer Da giovanni to I latini-- he is giovanni latini-- and i latini was opened by his grandfather and the brothers "broke-up"

          la giostra is quite popular with tourists--- i have never been--- pandemonio is a little expensive but lovely also has a garden room? florence can be gastly in the summer...

          I adore da camillo---

          but in summer maybe somewhere with an outside?

          or on the river--- is Golden View-- bad name-- but a lovely space on the river-- one room is all white-- then an all black one-- so two different feels-- they often have live jazz--- and then also a "cocktail" space

          1. re: jimicat

            I don't really like Latini, it's become way too touristy.
            Da Camillo is lovely.
            Santo Bevitore is great, and can definitely handle your group. But the front room, where they will seat you, can get a bit loud.
            La Giostra is one of those places tourists love, but none of us 'locals' have ever been to.


        2. i love trattoria Garga-- it is also a really fun space-- the owner has lived in USA ( his mom is Canadian) so easy to talk to!!!
          His name is alessandro, his parents owned GARGA. His dad died-- and he has his new space La Cucina del Garga.

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          1. re: Diva

            Congratulations. I'm just chiming in to agree with putting Garga on your short list. In addition to the chef being outgoing and fluent in English (well, New Yawkese/Brooklynese), there are two dining rooms and the one in front of the open kitchen probably could be used for just your party (if I remember the size correctly). As Diva says, it's a great, funky space filled with eclectic artwork & the food is authentic, creative and tasty.