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Nov 8, 2013 09:06 AM

The Butcher and the Bar Keep

Opening where the East End Ale House was in Harleysville. Anyone know anything about it?

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  1. I read that they will serve food sourced locally - farm to table type entrees. Hopefully it will be good and will last longer than previous establishments at that location. Haven't seen anything about a scheduled opening date yet.

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    1. re: curly girl

      According to their facebook page the chef who is also one of the partners used to be at Craft Ale House. Estimated opening is mid November.

      Their website is just a parked domain name ...

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        A bit off subject; just a question. Has the term "farm to table" and "locally sourced" become a hackney phrase? Is it now stated so frequently and casually that it means little? I would have always expected a good restaurant to pursue quality ingredients, fresh and local when possible. At the White Dog Cafe farm to table and local sourcing was pursued with vigor and even today, at both locations, their menu defines sources. I am sure there are others committed to this sourcing practice but the term is thrown around so much now, who knows what is reality and where it is practiced so as to make a difference to the customer.

        1. re: Bacchus101

          Agreed. I know, though, that Maize defines sources.

          1. re: JanR

            "Fine dining" must be a hackneyed term too, I guess.

            The overwhelming number of restaurants don't use predominantly locally sourced ingredients, so it would still seem to be a meaningful distinguishing attribute.

            The bigger question is why should we care? Isn't it enough just to taste good?

            [Same argument I always make about people's fascination with "authentic". Authentic isn't automatically better than the opposite (White Castle is authentic too), but by definition, I'm pretty sure it is likely to be outdated.]

            LOL, I can't wait for the first "authentic farm-to-table restaurant" to open!

      2. Grand opening November 20, 2013. Two guys formerly from the Standard Tap (Philadelphia). Should be excellent. Website has full menu (lunch, brunch, dinner, kids!). Drinks menu. Beer local, draft, rotating.

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          Went to the grand opening this evening. When I arrived 6:00pm. The place was already packed. Fortunately my friends got their earlier and got a table. Ordered the burger (comes with fries) medium rare -as they recommend. Excellent burger with cheese, caramelized onion, roasted tomato (I think) anyway it was superb! Other food at are table - mussels, fish and chips - all delicious. We had children at our table, yes they do have a kids menu as well. See above website for menu and info about this establishment. Other recommendations from my other group of friends at another table- the seafood chowder, duck risotto was delicious, but a little dry, but the flavors were spot on, hey, it's opening night, packed to the gills, the kitchen was killing it. Oh and the crab cakes yum.

          1. re: SpdRcr069

            Thank you for the first review SpdRcr069. Think we will wait a week or so before heading there. Hopefully the crowds will have thinned by then. I love a good burger - your review made me hungry.

        2. Visited on a Monday night. It's okay. For me, it felt like the concept was sound, but the execution isn't quite there yet. And for the prices they're charging, I expected a bit better. Ordered the pork belly ($10), garlic parmesan wings ($9 for 4 whole wings), and burger ($11). The pork belly, a picture of which was featured on the article about the restaurant, was dry (and looked nothing like the picture). I'm used to pork belly having a crispy skin and then an unctuous 'mouth feel'. It defies logic that such a fatty cut of pork would be dry. They did get the crispy part right though. The accompanying risotto was good - creamy with the rice still having a bit of bite to it. Wings were hot, crispy, and tasteless! They had melted shredded parmesan over the wings and tossed chopped spring onions over top. But the wings had no real discernable garlic flavor... or any flavor whatsoever. The burger was acceptable. The menu description: "House blended beef, seasonal beer glazed onions, smoked bacon, 3 cheese blend, oven roasted tomato, brioche bun, fries or fruit". The beef was flavorful and cooked correctly. There were alot of onions, bordering on overpowering the burger and they were a little sad, a bit of carmelization wouldn't have hurt. The '3 cheese blend' tasted just like American cheese. Tomato was bland with no roasted flavor apparent. The fries were excellent! Everything fresh cut fries should be. Service was perfunctory. The owners were present and active in bartending or seating guests. They did not visit tables, so I did not share any of these comments with them. As an aside, if asked, I will share honest feedback with management. But something has to be pretty egregious for me to "ask to see a manager". Overall, it feels like a step up from a neighborhood joint, but not a place I'd go out of my way for.

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            So a year later, wanted to update my comments. Visited on a Thursday night and had a nice time. I had the cashew crusted mahi mahi and it was delicious. Perfectly cooked. Flavor and texture were spot on. The fish was served atop roasted sweet potatoes, wilted greens, and chive sauce. $13 for a small plate. Good beer selection and competent service.

          2. My husband and I stopped by for dinner tonight. Place was packed, so we found seats at the bar. I had the $6 Marquis Champagne and hubby tried one of the draft beers. A table was ready in less than 20 minutes, so Cody transferred our drink tab to the table - no problem. Hubby ordered the Pork Chop with Demi Glace, which came with Grilled Asparagus with horseradish and Pierogies. He thoroughly enjoyed his meal - pork was perfectly cooked and tender. I ordered a Small Plate, Fish & Chips which came with two pieces of battered grouper, Lemon Creme Fraiche as well as Chipotle May for the fries. I would recommend charging $1 more for the small plate and adding one more piece of fish, but otherwise this was wonderful. Plan to stop in again after the holidays

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            1. re: curly girl

              Just need to say that if you are locally sourced,farm to table, you aren't serving asparagus right now. that may be farm to table but the farm is in Chile!

              1. re: Bigley9

                Thanks for the chuckle, Bigley9. I think what The Butcher and Barkeep tries to do is serve as much locally sourced food as possible, but good catch on the asparagus.

              2. re: curly girl

                I did forget to mention that I also ordered the Soup of the Day, which was a really fresh tasting Tomato Soup with a hint of cheese. I find most restaurant soups to be overly salty, but this was perfectly seasoned.

              3. The original comment has been removed