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Nov 8, 2013 08:56 AM

Best Dessert in the Quarter

Was going for dinner at Marti tomorrow night. Thought maybe I'd go somewhere else for dessert. What are the best desserts in the FQ for our anniversary after dinner?

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  1. fatheryod's description of the bacon sundae at green goddess sounded remarkable. I really liked chocolate coma @ sobou: flourless dark chocolate torte with white chocolate mousse, candied pecans & sea salt caramel covered in milk chocolate and served with a shot of chicory coffee shake.

    Not an expert on this subject (wish I was) but I am SO delighted you opened this discussion, and can't wait to hear all the responses. And I wish you are your "spice" a happy happy anniversary. I await your Marti's review, sf!

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      Forgot to mention that my wife hates chocolate (gasp!).

    2. I am not a big sweet eater, but I love the Cream Caramel at Galatoire's and the Baked Alaska at Antoine's is beautiful and delicious.

      I just never think of the FQ as the place to go for
      dessert. Those thoughts are reserved for Brocatto's and Maurice's Bakery.

      1. We loved the desserts at Tableau. Neither one of us had chocolate. I had dessert crepes (Angel cream crepe) and my DH had tart a la bouile. the next time we go to NOLA, we will definitely be having desserts at Tableau.

        1. youve disqualified the chocolate, but in general we really like the double-chocolate bread pudding (white and milk) at Red Fish Grill. if a chocolate lover asks us for dessert we often suggest that.

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            That sounds amazing. How's that Marti's trip report/dessert review coming, sf?

            1. re: karendor

              NOW I see it on the other post - heading over there right now.

          2. I don't think your Marti's review mentioned where you ended up having dessert for your anniversary. Perhaps I missed it.

            Was it memorable?

            We dessert lovers want to know.